The BVA Board and Officers encourage members to form BVA Chapters whenever possible. Chapters are a means of maintaining momentum in local or regional areas where significant numbers of BVA members reside. However, the National BVA Board does not see a need, nor does it have the staff, to tightly guide and monitor the activities or operations of various chapters. Therefore, the following general guidelines are provided to assist members who are motivated to form chapters.

General overview: Chapters can serve an important purpose in the overall operation of the BVA. They are a means of connecting BVA members at a local level. This contact helps draw the BVA together into a more cohesive group to nationally carry out its mission of remembering and highlighting the sacrifices made by Marines, Sailors and Soldiers killed or wounded during actions in and around the Beirut Theater of operations.

  • Chapters should have at least three to four officers: a president, a vice president, a secretary/treasurer or a separate secretary and treasurer, and must follow all IRS rules and regulations in relation to maintaining 501(c)(3) status or other status as directed by national.

  • The officers should establish a set of by-laws or chapter guidelines to establish how they will operate. Officers, with input from general membership, should attempt to set basic, achievable goals for the chapter. Chapter officers should attempt to meet as regularly as their time and geographic area of operations allow. Telephonic conferences can count as regular meetings.

  • A common goal of all chapters should be to maximize the number of their members who attend the annual remembrance in Jacksonville, NC, each October, or other Remembrances locally. These events are the focal points for drawing local and national recognition to the sacrifices and contributions of fallen brothers.

  • Chapters should consider appointing a public affairs chairperson to coordinate dissemination of information about their chapter, its members and/or items of interest from the national BVA. National BVA provides a news release annually to all members to assist in obtaining local media coverage of annual Remembrances.

  • Chapter officers or members can contact members of the national BVA board or officers at any time to obtain input and ideas on chapter operations.

Currently Existing Chapters: The following are formed and/or active chapters at the time of this Bylaw review (June 2007): Midwestern Chapter, Indiana; North Carolina Chapter; Washington D.C., Virginia/Mid Atlantic Chapter; Michigan Chapter; Texas Chapter; Georgia/Southeastern Chapter.

End of Bylaws established prior to or on October 15, 2015, and as amended and adopted on October 21, 2015, by the Incorporator, and as amended from time to time up to October 22, 2016 by the Incorporator or sole Chairman of the Board.   

Jonathan R. Warmeling
Chairman of the Board

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