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ADDED Friday 9/29: We have just been advised the Mainstay Inn & Suites has gone down!  The manager indicated he would be calling all who had reservations there. Dave S said he would be calling a few he has numbers for, but I suggest don't wait, either call or go ahead and book other rooms.  See below room count as of Wednesday, and the contact info is located on this site under the Remembrance tab. 

IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A NEW - I SAY AGAIN, NEW EMAIL FROM US WITHIN THE LAST TWO DAYS CONCERNING BASE ACCESS, PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND GET THEM BACK TO US!!!  If you know a Brother/Sister that doesn't check their emails, please contact them and tell them to respond ASAP. Thank you.

From Wednesday 9/26th: 

My conversations with folks indicate that the 35th BVA Remembrance will be going forward. After our folks did what they could to clean up Our Wall and area, the Corps sent I believe 200 Marines to get it cleaned up!

Cleaning it up, the Commandant as the Keynote speaker at the Memorial, and Gen. Gray for the Dinner, how could it not proceed?

The civilian employees returned to work and are working with us to get things done.  With us not getting a blanket pass for base anymore, we have requested additional information for base access. We apologize, but it is what it is.  We will get driver info first, and will follow up later for passengers.  PLEASE COMPLETE THE "REVISED BASE ACCESS" Email you received As SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Thanks!

Dave canvassed the hotels, and the Comfort Inn & Suites and Extended Stay America are out.  People can follow Facebook for updates, and I'll try post as I can. Folks, you should call or email your hotels to confirm: We had one with a confirmation that had to reschedule. See the end of this for Dave's Hotel update, including some with vacancies - don't delay, call today!

Goettge Field House suffered a transformer issue, but will be back up and running next week. They are good to go!

Again, we will provide a more thorough update when we have valid info to pass on.

We will provide the barcode dinner tickets in early October, maybe by October 8th.


Courtyard Marriott - 17 rooms open

Days Inn - call for availability

Fairfield Inn - 25 rooms available

Hampton Inn - CALL

Home 2 Suites - 6 rooms available

Main Stay Inn & Suites - 12 rooms available

Quality Inn & Suites - MANY ROOMS AVAILABLE

Sleep Inn - 15-20 rooms STILL AVAILABLE!!!

This list is NOT exhaustive, but provides a start!

I am trying to respond to everyone's emails, but we're getting a lot of them, plus phone calls. So, I hope this has answered many of your questions.  Godspeed, and Semper Fidelis, Jon Warmeling