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1. The Jacksonville Beirut Advisory Committee met in July and the biggest concern is social distancing or other rules being in place come October 23d, so they are planning accordingly. This will all be dependent on the N.C. Governor, Jacksonville Mayor and the Marine Corps Base and what direction they are all to follow. We will provide updates as they become known. 

2. The USO is currently closed and we are waiting on information regarding a few items.  First, whether the USO will be open for our Annual Meeting on October 22nd.  We have some backup sites being looked into and will advise accordingly. Second, if it is open, what kind of capacity will it allow? If it is can't be used for our Annual Meeting, will it still be open for access to the Beirut Room?  Finally, we have been "reminded" that there are absolutely no weapons allowed on USO property, guns, knives, etc.  Please respect the USO's rules.

3. Next is whether the Ruck will go forward this year. There was discussion about doing it virtually, but we've received no current info as of this writing.  We will update everyone once known.