Doc James Looper

July 29, 2022

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Doc Looper

"Doc" James "Jim" Looper, a Beirut Veteran, died last year on March 1, 2021. I was good friends with him and we used to talk on the phone once or twice a year. I did wonder why he didn't call me over this past holiday season but didn't think that much about it. I called him yesterday and although his phone still works, it went to voicemail. I then found out that he had passed away. Jim was with ("Guts") Golf Company, BLT 2/8, 22nd MAU. Jim was a corpsman on site at Checkpoint 76 during the firefight on 04 Dec 1983 when eight Marines were killed. I don't have any photos of Jim, but wish I did. If anyone has any they would be appreciated so we can have an entry for him on the BVA's "Final Muster." Jim did not participate to a great deal with remembrances and reunions, claiming he lived so far away and in isolation in Arkansas. He suspected he was the only living Beirut Veteran in the entire state of Arkansas. He will be sorely missed. - Jeff H

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