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Nick Mottola and crew have started the The Traveling Beirut Memorial Wall, a proposed new 501(c)3 not for profit corporation.  They will have a ground breaking ceremony on Mottola's property at 159 Kings Cove rd Franklin, NC 28734 on 11 March 2023.  They will be planting a new Beirut Memorial Tree (a sequoia redwood from the Fieldbrook stump in California) along with dedicating a large pond/small lake here the property in honor of L/Cpl Todd "Hally" Hallstrom. Announcements on our progress with The Traveling Beirut Memorial Wall will be made at that time.  It will be based in western NC and it's mission will be traveling to each and every city, town, county, township and or Parrish that lost a US Serviceman in Beirut 1982-84. We have only just begun this endeavor and hope to begin the build later this year. Looking forward to seeing y'all on Saturday the 11th of March starting at noon. For all that are unable to attend, I will be posting a live link via my Facebook page so all can watch as it takes place. Semper Fidelis. Nick Mottola. 
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