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On January 16th at 1:00am, Marc (aka "Bent Nickel") was involved in a horrific traffic accident. Marc is a semi-truck driver that drives a very special truck with his cab, that he created, that holds the names of the Marines that were killed in the Beirut Bombing of 1983. The truck is completely totaled. But thankfully, Marc survived.

From speaking with his wife Theresa, he is in stable condition. His left arm had to be amputated from the elbow down and he has stitches in his head. The accident occurred in Akron, Ohio. He lives in a Challis, Idaho.

This GoFundMe has been set up to help him with a flight home, cover his medical expenses and help him with his living expenses. He does not have insurance. He will now have to collect unemployment until his emergency disability starts and he can begin physical therapy to help him regain his employment.

Marc honorably served in the Navy during the 1983 Beirut conflict in Beirut. He drives his truck many places and to many events to share the names of the fallen Marines as a moving memorial and tribute to them. He is a devoted husband, father and grandfather and is affectionately known as "Grandpa Grumps".

His dog, Daisy, was in the truck with him and did survive. She is being taken care of by the firefighters who were there on the scene. She is the (temporary) Fire House Dog. The firefighers are hoping to take Daisy to see Marc at the hospital. Daisy went everywhere with him in his truck.

Any donation that you can give to help him will be greatly appreciated as he fights to overcome this devastating accident and move forward with his beautiful family.