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Photos added of Waiting Room and Cedar Trees

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After 40 years of remembering the events that impacted all of our lives in one form or another on October 23, 1983, it is sometimes easy to look back and feel the world has forgotten the men who died for the mission of peace in Beirut Lebanon.

This October U.S. Embassy Beirut, Lebanon is conducting a series of events that will highlight the sacrifices of those who both served and died in Beirut. It will also send a message to all who visit the Embassy that the mission to help the people of Lebanon continues 40 years later. The Embassy's goal is to not only remember those who sacrificed their lives, but to also share the lasting impact they have had on the people of Lebanon who remember these events.

Consular Waiting Room 

For the month of October the Embassy will have a photo exhibit in the consular waiting room where all visitors to the embassy pass through for visa interviews and American Citizen services.  

On the main wall will be a banner with the pictures and names of those who died in Beirut. On the left side of the wall will be a series of photos of the U.S. military members from their time in Beirut prior to October 23, 1983.  These images will show them interacting with the Lebanese people as well as relaxing during their down time.  On the right side of the wall will be a series of photos showing the immediate aftermath of the bombing.

The Cedar Tree Battalion

Another project the Embassy has started and will continue throughout October is the planting of cedar trees in the Shouf Reserve, which is the largest nature reserve in Lebanon. They will be planting a cedar tree for all those who lost their lives on October 23, 1983, in a designated area overlooking the Bekaa Valley.  This area will be called “The Cedar Tree Battalion” and will have a dedicated plaque showing the name and rank of the individual. Certificates and membership cards will be issued for each tree which will then be sent to the next of kin.

More details will follow on how families can contact the Embassy to receive these certificates.

Once these trees begin to take root, they will one day grow to provide a lasting reminder of the impact these lives had on the region.

October 23, 2023 - Remembrance

U.S. Embassy Beirut is planning to hold a special day of remembrance on October 23 at their memorial to those who died in Beirut. For those not aware, the Embassy has a half-moon wall with the names of all those who died in Beirut from 1976-1995. This wall is set into the side of a small hill, surrounded by trees in the back. To the left of the wall are two flagpoles. One has the American flag, and the other is the Marine Corps flag. This is the only embassy in the world where the Marine Corps and American flag stand side by side at the same height.

The remembrance at U.S. Embassy Beirut on October 23, 2023, will be another reminder that the mission of those brave men who died in Beirut has not been forgotten. In fact, it highlights the continued efforts by those Americans still serving in Beirut that the mission continues.

Anyone wishing to contact the Embassy about these events directly can do so by emailing them at [email protected].

Semper Fidelis

Consular Waiting Room Picutures

Cedar Tree Battalion Pictures