The Beirut Veterans of America is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Scope of Desired Mission and Accomplishments

The primary mission of the BVA shall be to ensure that the Armed Forces Personnel that served in and around Beirut, Lebanon, and especially those who gave their lives as the ultimate price paid for freedom, be always remembered, and recognized as a group of men and women that distinguished themselves in service to their Nation. The BVA shall ensure that the historical recognition and distinction deserved for their conduct be acknowledged, and that their contributions and those of all Nations that served with them will never be forgotten, and that the First Duty is to Remember. 

The Mission and Accomplishments desired of the Beirut Veterans of America may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To establish, maintain and represent the membership in perpetuating the memory and history of those who gave their lives in and around Beirut, Lebanon, the families of the fallen, and those who participated in those actions, and educating all others on the same;

  2. To assist and ensure a Ceremony of Remembrance occurs at least once each year on the 23rd Day of October at the "The Other Wall" located near the front gate of Camp Johnson on the Memorial Grounds in Jacksonville, North Carolina;

  3. To assist Beirut Veterans, Family Members and other like-minded persons or entities in establishing Memorials and Monuments representing Beirut Veterans wherever they may be constructed in the United States and presenting Ceremonies of Remembrance for Beirut Veterans wherever they may be held;

  4. To assist persons and entities with archiving, collecting, holding and preserving historical memorabilia such as orders, diaries, records, photographs, videos and any other appropriate medium to memorialize the skill, courage, and devotion of Beirut Veterans, and may include other items of significance, such as those evidencing the political and cultural settings, stage and mindset of veterans, family members, civilians and cultures, both nationally and internationally;

  5. To establish a Beirut Veterans of America endowment to further perpetuate this organization and its purposes far into the future;

  6. To offer support, condolences and remembrances for those members or family members that pass;

  7. To assist Beirut Veterans with financial support if feasible during times of financial crisis, and in obtaining evidence necessary to support the claims of Beirut Veterans before the Department of Veterans’ Affairs;

  8. To take any other actions consistent with the furtherance of these Bylaws while maintaining the integrity of the same in conjunction with the laws, regulations and codes of our Nation, separate States, and the IRS.

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