Membership Types

(a) Regular Membership
  • A person shall be eligible for regular membership who served in one or more of the uniformed services of the United States (i.e., Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or Public Health Service), and who served in or in the environs of Beirut, Lebanon, to include adjacent waters and airspace, during any period in which elements of the United States Armed Forces engaged in military operations in said areas. Further, that person’s service must have been recognized by the award of the Navy Expeditionary Medal, Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, campaign medals to be established in the future, or the Humanitarian Service Medal. Documented records, to include but not be limited to personnel record entries or a DD-214 are required to confirm this service. The officers and board shall consider granting of any other regular membership on a case-by-case basis. Regular membership shall carry all privileges, including the right to vote, to serve as an officer of the Association or a member of’ the Board of Directors, and to endorse applications for membership. Examples of qualifying periods of service include, but are not limited to:

(I) between August 1982 and August 1984 when the United States contingent of the Multi-National Force Beirut was engaged in military operations in and around Beirut.
(II) between July and November 1958 when United States military forces were engaged in military operations in and around Beirut.
(III) between June and August 1976 during Operation Fluid Drive, when United States military forces evacuated some 300 non-combatants from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut (attached civilian personnel are also eligible).
(IV) between July and August of 2006, when U.S. forces conducted the non-combatant evacuation of more than 14,000 Americans and foreign nationals from Beirut.
(V) any future period when U.S. forces conduct military operations, including combat, humanitarian, and other kinds of operations, in or in the environs of Beirut, Lebanon, to include adjacent waters and airspace.

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(b) Associate Membership
  • Persons who served in one or more of the uniformed services of the United States who materially contributed to any aspect of the mission of the United States Multi-National Peacekeeping Force engaged in military operations in, in the environs of, or off the shore of, Beirut, Lebanon, during any of the engagements as described in Section VII(2)(a) above, shall be eligible for associate membership. Associate members may also have served with the British, French, or Italian militaries involved in the Multi-national Peacekeeping Force in Beirut. Associate members shall not have the right to vote in general membership meetings. Associate members may not serve on the Board of Directors. Associate members may endorse applications for membership, and may hold any office in the Association other than President and Vice President. Notwithstanding the foregoing, members serving on standing and special committees, if any, may vote as committee members on matters being considered in their respective committees.
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(c) Affiliate Membership
  • Any civilian personal who was assigned to and served at the U.S. Embassy, Beirut. Also any person, who is not a Beirut veteran and has never served in the uniformed services of the United States, however wished to affiliate themselves with the Association for the purpose of supporting the fraternal and patriotic activities of its regular and associate members. Affiliate membership shall not have the right to vote, to serve as an officer or a member of the Board of Directors, or to endorse applications for membership. They may serve on special committees, if any, and may vote as committee members on matters being considered in their respective committees.
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(d) Honorary Membership
  • The Board of Directors may invite certain individuals who hold or have held, office by election or by the appointment by the President of the United States to accept honorary membership in the Association. The Board of Directors may also invite any person who served in one or more of the uniformed services of the United States and who was awarded the Purple Heart or any personal military decoration by the United States for heroic or meritorious acts to accept honorary membership in the Association. Honorary members shall have all privileges extended associate members.
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(e) Life Membership
  • Life membership status may be obtained in any classification. The qualifications and privileges will remain standing for the respective classification. Proceeds from dues for the Life Membership will be placed in an interest bearing escrow, the interest from which will be applied toward operation expenses.
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(f) Next of Kin Membership
  • The next of kin of Beirut veteran killed in action may apply for recurring membership under the classification of Affiliate. Recurring membership carries life membership status. Next of kin will be honored with membership free of charge.
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Applications for Membership:

An application for membership in the Association shall be submitted to the Board of Directors. The Board or Directors is authorized to establish such additional procedures as may be required for the processing of applications for membership. Decisions of the Board of Directors on questions relating to membership applications are final and subject to review only by the Board of Directors. Any member may petition the Board of Directors for a change in membership status based on sustained service to the BVA. The Board of Directors will consider each such request on a case by case basis.