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Nick Marian, a Beirut Veteran and BVA member has shared this story with the board to be passed along to members.

I was at last years 35th and it was wonderful. An event occurred that you may find worthy to pass along to the troops. While at the muster the day prior to the ceremony, some of us from unit gathered at the EGA display and talked, took some pictures. While we were standing around, I met a gentleman doing the same and asked what unit he was with? Looked like the right age and had the look overall, so it was a fair question.  

His answer was that he was there and that I may recognize him. He was, I firmly believe, the Marine in the image being hauled out of the rubble. That's what he stated, and from my memory of the iconic image, that was him. One by one our guys got into the conversation and sure as hell, he was the man, Morris Dorsey. A lot of conversation ensued. I have to add he was a very humble individual. 

Soon his friend came along as other groups did. In one of the passing groups was a young man to whom the Marine with which we were enthralled and proud to be in the presence of, looked familiar. They made eye contact and the young man too looked familiar to our semi famous Marine. 

Turns out that when the explosion occurred, Dorsey was trapped in the rubble for a while with another Marine,  a friend of his. They spoke while entombed and encouraged one another that rescuers are making their way. The other Marine trapped with our man, did not make it. Dorsey got rescued in part due to the efforts of the Marine that passed away, willing him to fight. I am not sure if the other Marine, Michael Spaulding, knew his wife was pregnant at the time. But as the two made eye contact it was as if they had seen a ghost.

For it was the son of Michael Spaulding, the son of the Marine who kept our new friend alive through the power of will. They had never in thirty-five years met. All of us stood there in silence, witnessing something few get to see in 100 lifetimes. Right there in front of us. Unscripted, unplanned and spontaneous.

Attached are the pictures of us before and the moment the two met and hugged one another like I've never seen done.

The image of us walking away was one in which we walked away on silence, not a dry eye in the group of tough guy Marines. Each of us internalizing the meaning of the encounter and the opportunity to witness something so special... The ceremony was incredible, but we hit our high the day before. 

Thought you'd find this interesting.  NOT A DRY EYE in the house..........

 Nick Marian, Hotel Battery 3/10 "Doc" 82-84 in "the Root"/ Captain, Miami Dade Fire Rescue (Retired)/Witness to something incredible.....