Beirut Room at USO limited Opening

Limited Access to Beirut Room Only on 10/23

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Presently, the USO in Jacksonville expects to be closed during this year’s annual Remembrance.  However, on Friday October 23rd there will be a limited window for Next of Kin and Beirut Veterans to visit our Beirut Room.  According to the USO:

I wanted to let you know that while we will not be officially open, we have made the decision to open the center on 23 Oct to offer access to those who would like to visit the Beirut Memorial Room.  Please understand that we will not be able accommodate a large group at once, due to State and Local guidelines.

The center will be following social distancing guidelines, which may mean only a few in the room at a time and depending on the number who may partake in a visit, the possibility of having to wait outside the center.  All that do come to visit, will be required to wear face coverings and are not allowed to enter if they are sick, have shown, or be experiencing signs of the COVID virus (standard protocol at all establishments).”

Please follow the USO’s guidance in paying your Respects, and we thank the USO for allowing us this accommodation in these trying times – THANK YOU!

Please note that weapons are not allowed within the USO.