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I regret to inform the Members that Bryan Ayres, our President since 2013 and Vice-President this year, has stepped down from his position.  Bryan's life is fast-paced and busy, and he felt now was the right time. He remains in contact with me and I won't miss his counsel, as I still have it!  And he remains available to Myron and us all to help out as Myron assumes his duties as President. You met Myron in a past issue of Root Scoop II, and I and the Board have full confidence in both his abilities and capabilities!

Bryan landed in Beirut with the 24th MAU in May when it relieved the 22nd. He served with Dragons Platoon, Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Marines.  I apologize, Bryan, for not knowing when you became a Board Member of BVA, but I know you took over as President from Craig Renshaw after the 30th Remembrance in 2013.  You kept me focused, and you kept the dignity and professionalism of our organization intact. The Beirut Veterans of America Founding Fathers and Board entrusted in you an organization they envisioned, established and carried on for more than two decades, and with your heart steeled in the losses suffered, you carried us forward. What they gave us, you kept; what they expected, you delivered - the strides made by BVA during your Presidency have been tremendous; long and far-reaching into the future.  But above all else, you ensured the sanctity of our motto, The First Duty is to Remember!  Thank you Bryan, Thank you Brother, Thank you my Friend - Semper Fidelis.  Jon Warmeling



Jon Warmeling, Chairman

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"The First Duty is to Remember"

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