Professional Life

Myron is from Milton, PA.  He graduated in 1982 after 3 years of carpentry and 1 year of drafting.  He signed up for the Marine Corps on his 17th birthday.

After boot camp Myron went to engineer school at Camp Lejeune where he was assigned to the 2nd combat engineer battalion at Camp Lejeune.  He was in Beirut in 1984 at the American and British embassies where the engineers built bunkers, cleared areas for landing zones, and built checkpoints coming into both embassies. 

He was on one NATO med cruise and a regular med cruise along with other deployments to California, Florida, Minnesota, Virginia, Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and Puerto Rico.  He got out of the Marine Corps in 1986 as a Corporal. 

After the Marines he started with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections on his 23rd birthday.  In 1992 he was instrumental in working with 11 other officers to start up and run the first and only boot camp in the state for inmates, which currently houses close to 500 members.  He served as a member of the Correctional Emergency Response Team for over 25 years and served 7 years on the Commonwealth’s Hostage Rescue Team where he was an operator, weapons armorer, and did surveillance/intelligence gathering.  

Myron also served for 8 years as a Field Team Leader through the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for Search and Rescue work.  In 2007 he was trained through the Search and Rescue Tracking Institute of Virginia for Man Tracking.  He helped assist in the training of K-9’s for law enforcement and corrections, from drug detection to criminal apprehension and tracking work for about 13 years.

Myron was a certified NRA handgun/shotgun instructor for over 22 years as well as a certified NRA tactical firearms instructor for 15 years.

Myron retired in 2014 as a Sergeant with 27 years in the prison system. 

Personal Life

Myron is an avid runner.  Since 2003 he has done road and trail races including distances of 5k, 10k, 25k, half and full marathons, 50k, and one 105 mile adventure race.  He currently practices Yoseikan Aikido and earned his black belt in Huntsville, AL.  He has traveled to Japan to practice with over 70 students from around the world.  He also started taking traditional Japanese Juijitsu three years ago.

Myron has 2 daughters.  The oldest is a school teacher and the youngest has a degree in Equine Science and Management and is working on a second degree in Veterinary Science.  Myron is an active member with the Local TeamRWB and has a 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle. 

Myron says, "The Gold Star Families are always in my heart and thoughts and I'm open for suggestions on how to reach out to find more of the Gold Star Families who had loved ones taken from them while in Beirut and Grenada".

In speaking about the BVA, Myron says the following:

"The BVA is on the edge of moving forward and letting others know of our Marine Corps legacy with the scholarship fund and side projects that are being done throughout the country from Florida to California. But, in order to make our voices heard we must all step up and be involved, even if only a little bit, by attending services or setting up local memorial services.  We can also reach others through our logo on shirts, hats, and stickers. They strike up conversations and then it's time for you to educate those who are not aware of those lives taken from 1982-1984 in Beirut Lebanon from the first embassy attack to the last embassy annex attack, least we forget those Marines involved in Operation Blue Bat in 1958 and the Beirut Air Brigade in the mid 1990's from Fort Benning and the Marines involved in Lebanon in 2006.

Our First Duty Is To Remember.
Semper Fidelis."

Myron regularly attends the memorial service in Jacksonville and has also attended services in Connecticut, Ohio, and Florida.