Services and Events

  • Monday October 23

    0600: Candlelight Service at the Beirut Memorial

    1030: Main Memorial Service at the Beirut Memorial (Hosted by the City of Jacksonville)

    1400: Camp Geiger Ceremony Fraternal Order of the Devil Dog (Located through the The MCAS New River Main Gate, located on Curtis Rd.)
  • Persons desiring to go on base must follow the new rules. See for full details. Basically, you need proper ID for everyone in the vehicle, vehicle registration and insurance info.

The Rhode Island Nine Wreath Laying Ceremony

40th Beirut Bombing Observance

Monday 10:00 am 10/23/2023 - Annual remembrance ceremony to honor Rhode Island's fallen Marines "The Rhode Island Nine".

This year's guest speaker will be Naval War College student Major Patrick Hassett USMC.