Please do NOT call the American Legion for ticket info, they have nothing to do with tickets! THE DINNER IS SOLD OUT! If you purchased tickets online, they will be provided when you check in.  Information regarding the BVA Muster/Reception is at the end of this email.

The Burton-Coldwell American Legion is located at 146 Broadhurst Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540.  Google Map Here:  MAP  There will be Police Officers on hand to direct traffic.

Doors will open for registration at 1730 (5:30 pm).  Tickets will be distributed at registration using three check-in stations separated by the first letter of the last name of the person who purchased the tickets.

Seating is open except for those tables that indicate they are reserved.

Your dinner ticket has a removeable end indicating the meal you chose, steak, chicken, fish or ziti.  That end ticket will be removed by you and taken with you to the serving line.

The Cash Bar and hors d’oeuvres will commence at 1730. The Bar must close by law at 2230 hours.  

The call to seats will occur prior to 1900 hours (7 pm), when dinner will commence.

The Dress Code is at your discretion.  There will be blue jeans, full dress uniforms and possibly a few tuxedos.  We know many are traveling, some great distances and from other continents.  It is more important that you are all comfortable.

The Muster/Reception will be at 1300 in the field “behind” the parking lot at the Memorial Gardens (The Beirut Memorial). Map here: Camp LeJeune Memorial Gardens

More information can be found here: "Why they Come" - 40 Years Later 

The Board of Directors for the Beirut Veterans of America thanks you for continuing this tradition, and carrying forward our motto: The First Duty is to Remember.  We hope you find these events do also.  Thank you.