James W. Ponder

August 13 ,1962 - February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017

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James Ponder passed away in his home in New Castle, Indiana on Wednesday February 15, 2017.

Jim served in Beirut with the 32nd MAU in 1982. He was attached to HMM-262. For Beirut, he was awarded the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, a Sea Service Deployment Medal and a Humanitarian Service Medal. He served from 1980-1992. Ponder was a lifetime member of the BVA.

James Ponder

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  • Margaret Anna(Walters) Ponder

    01/10/2023 08:10 PM

    We both met in mid ‘83 when we were stationed TAD to the Rifle Range Detachment at CamLejNC. You had a bad crush on me for two months. Someone came up to me in the chow hall and told me. We were married March 9, 1984 and had two boys…Kristofer James in 85 and Mykal Aaron in 90.
    You weren’t too happy in your earthly life. I hope you can find peace in the next. ?? Your first love