These are strange times… and none of us need to be told to Remember our Brothers.  It’s Memorial Day Weekend, a time for our Country to remember… we Remember every day.  And always Remember their Families…

Do what you can, do what you want, I know our Brothers and Sisters will always Remember… 

Semper Fidelis, God Bless America.     

Jon Warmeling, Chairman
Beirut Veterans of America, Inc.
A 501(c)3 Not for Profit Corporation
"The First Duty is to Remember"

The following ammedment was unanimously approved on 5/13/2020:

Article III, Section 2, Page 4:

Formerly read:

All Regular Members have voting privileges. 

Amended to:

All Members in good standing have voting privileges.  A member in good standing is defined as a life member, or a member whose dues are current. 


To better define “good standing.”


Article III, Section 6, Page 6 

Formerly read:

Section 6 – Voting

Regular Members in good standing shall be eligible to vote for board members, officers if not in contravention to other directives of these Bylaws, and on matters properly before the membership for vote. Voting rights are limited to living persons.

Amended to:

Section 6 – Voting

Nominations will open on 1 July in those years elections will be held and close 30 September.

Nominations may be mailed to the address listed in Article 1, Section 2 - Principal Office, and must be postmarked by 23 September.

Nominations may be presented electronically utilizing the contact email on the Official BVA website.

Members in good standing may self-nominate pursuant to the same procedures. 

Nominees will be contacted via email or telecommunications to verify acceptance of the nomination. Acceptance of a nomination via email using the same procedures will be deemed valid if received using the contact email described above by 30 September.  A self-nomination will automatically be deemed accepted.  

Ballots will be dispersed to Members in good standing at the Annual Membership Meeting and voting procedures established by the Board or President will be utilized.

Regular Members in good standing shall be eligible to vote for board members and on other matters properly before the membership for vote. Voting is limited to living persons.



To establish a better, more delineated nomination process.

To establish that a procedure established by the Board or President will be adhered to.

To remove any ambiguity about Officers – they are appointed, not elected.  

For All Reservations everyone MUST call the Hotels DIRECTLY!!!! DO NOT try to reserve your rooms ONLINE!!! You will not get the Group Rates that I have set up.
These rooms are Blocked under Beirut Veterans of America, the Dates of the Block are 10/21/2020 - 10/25/2020, CUTOFF DATE IS 09/28/2020.
1)  Candlewood Inn & Suites  119 Penny Ln, Jacksonville NC  - 15 rooms Dbl $82 Single $79 (910)-333-0494 ask for Nadia or Lisa
2)  Comfort Inn & Suites 130 Workshop Ln Jacksonville NC - 30 rooms - $65 +tax (910)-346-8900
3)  Extended Stay America 20 McDaniel Dr Jacksonville NC - 25 rooms - Call ask for Manager Stacy Demps (910)-347-7684 
4)  Main Stay Inn & Suites 2201 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville NC - 20 rooms $70+tax (910)-219-1238  ask for Tom Kiser
5)  Microtel 2411 Commerce Rd Jacksonville NC - 20 rooms $60+tax (910)-333-9232
6)  Quality Inn & Suites 2139 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville NC - 20 rooms $69+tax (910)-938-0800 Ask for Rusty 
7)  Rodeway Inn 2149 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville NC - $67.12 (tax included) (910)-455-6888
8)  Sure Stay Plus 2115 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville NC - 25 rooms $65+tax (910)-347-1900 Ask for Bobby  (This is the old Holiday Inn Express)
Again, Call the Hotels DIRECTLY!!!!!!
IF there is the need for More rooms at any of these Hotels or if we need to add 2-3 more Hotels by August 1st 2020 I will take care of that.
Dave Seelye
Scholarship awards have been tallied and will be annoucened in the next Root Scoop II. Thank you to everyone who applied and contratulations to all 2020 graduates!
Five board positions will be opening up this year. This is a 5 year commitment. Nominations can be done via the contact button on the BVA website or can be mailed
On 19 October and 20 October the 4th annual Beirut Memorial Motorcycle ride sponsored by the local Strength and Honor Motorcycle Club was held and on the 20th of October the inaugural USO Beirut 10.23 Memorial Ruck was held with 60 participating in the event.
Canned goods were donated through the BVA members and local community members, these items were then collected and given to the Onslow County Women's center.

The annual BVA meeting was held on 22 October with close to 100 people in attendance.
We heard from several people that this year's events were the biggest turnouts they had ever seen during a non-five year memorial. 

Topics covered:
The Scholarship fund is doing well and the first applications will be accepted after 10 November 2019.

Membership cards will be required at next year's meeting for those who will be voting on open board positions.

Nominations for open positions will start in February.

Starting next year, a link will be provided from the Marine Corps Base in order to gain access. More than likely, our members' names will be provided for a cross-check once those individuals enter the appropriate information to the base. Non-members will have to find their own sponsors to get on base.

There are 3 banners staged around the United States that say Beirut Veterans of America on them. The process to use them is as follows:

  • you must use the contact button on the website no less than four weeks out from the day of the event and how long you will need the banner.
  • the banner will be mailed back to the original sending address
  • you will then be reimbursed for the postage if you so desire.

While utilizing the banner or wearing anything that says Beirut Veteran please use your better judgment on conducting yourself professionally and with dignity as you are representing not only yourself but your branch of the military as well as those lives that were lost.

If you know of a veteran or gold star family member who passes away please notify the BVA by using the contact button on the website and enter as much information as possible. Just posting the information to facebook does not suffice as not everyone is on facebook and the BVA may not end up being notified.

On 23 October a candlelight vigil was held with approximately 150 in attendance.

At 10:30 hours the main memorial service was conducted and ( I have been informed the day after by the Jacksonville Beirut Memorial advisory board that they had run out of the Pamphlets and only had 1,200 made up).

On 22 October the Patriot Pup had a Milk and Cookies event at the Jacksonville Barnes and Noble.