The Wall
The Board has begun the process of developing guidelines for the new Historian Committee and Committee Chair. We need to start looking to the future; to the legacy of the BVA. There are a lot of projects going on, and places honoring and remembering our Marines, Sailors and all our service men and women: Those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and all those that served our great Nation.
North Carolina Scholarship
The application process for the 2022 BVA Scholarship ended on January 31st. We are proud to announce we received more applications than in the past two years combined! Our Scholarship Committee will soon begin the daunting task of reviewing each submission.
Beirut Memorial Stone Officially Dedicated.

On October 9th approximately 65-75 people attended a Beirut Memorial Stone Dedication at the All Wars Memorial in Bantam Connecticut.
A Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony
October 22nd, 2021
7pm (sunset)
October 23rd 38th Beirut Memorial Observance Ceremony
Roll Call of Honor
And Wreath Laying
The Wall
Private Vigil for Next of Kin, Veterans and Family Members to go Forward

The Marine Corps Installations East and City of Jacksonville have again decided to hold this year’s annual Beirut Memorial Remembrance virtually. The Memorial will be closed to the public for the 1030 Observance. This follows the cancellation of Oktoberfest and Patriots’ Day events in Jacksonville. Those decisions were made due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 cases in the Community. Based on the above and the restrictions required, the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Beirut Veterans of America, Inc., is canceled.