On 23 October a candlelight vigil was held with approximately 150 in attendance.

At 10:30 hours the main memorial service was conducted and ( I have been informed the day after by the Jacksonville Beirut Memorial advisory board that they had run out of the Pamphlets and only had 1,200 made up).

Patriot Pup

December 31, 2019

On 22 October the Patriot Pup had a Milk and Cookies event at the Jacksonville Barnes and Noble.
On 19 October and 20 October the 4th annual Beirut Memorial Motorcycle ride sponsored by the local Strength and Honor Motorcycle Club was held and on the 20th of October the inaugural USO Beirut 10.23 Memorial Ruck was held with 60 participating in the event.
Canned goods were donated through the BVA members and local community members, these items were then collected and given to the Onslow County Women's center.
The BVA Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year. We thank each of our members for continuing to support the organization and each other. Our first duty is to remember. Semper Fi. 


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