Doctor emails BVA looking for Marine he treated that day; Marine told him, “Don’t worry Doc, you’ll be fine.” Asks for help locating Marine.

This is an amazing story from Dr. Jacques Morcos about his life in Beirut, and his actions on 10/23/1983. Following is Board Member/BVA Membership Chair Richard Truman’s email response. If you recognize this Marine, contact BVA!

Beirut Room at USO limited Opening

Limited Access to Beirut Room Only on 10/23

October 12, 2020

Presently, the USO in Jacksonville expects to be closed during this year’s annual Remembrance. However, on Friday October 23rd there will be a limited window for Next of Kin and Beirut Veterans to visit our Beirut Room

2020 RUCK Cancelled

October 12, 2020

Ed Brown - Photo Credit The Brunswick News
BVA Board/Officers consider Options

The USO was looking at doing a Virtual RUCK this year, but it’s not going to happen. We look forward to its return next year.

This RUCK was an important opportunity for participants to help stock the shelves of the Food Bank in Jacksonville. The Board of Directors will be considering options to ensure BVA can still help with this important cause.
Devil’s Den is a gripping story about a group of young, high-spirited, cocky, and sometimes rebellious US Marines and sailors sent by a reluctant commander in chief to the Middle East to assume a mission they hadn’t prepared for and didn’t understand.
In May, following appropriate procedures, the Board voted to change the By-Laws. Specifically, "good standing" was defined; procedures for nominations and elections were established; and the terms for the Four (4) Board Members' terms expiring in 2023 were reduced to 2022.


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