Nominations of Members in good standing for the Board of Directors will open on July 1st and close September 30th. More info will follow, but all pre-covid procedures will be followed per our By-laws.

Historian Committee

February 5, 2022

The Wall
The Board has begun the process of developing guidelines for the new Historian Committee and Committee Chair. We need to start looking to the future; to the legacy of the BVA. There are a lot of projects going on, and places honoring and remembering our Marines, Sailors and all our service men and women: Those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and all those that served our great Nation.
North Carolina Scholarship
The application process for the 2022 BVA Scholarship ended on January 31st. We are proud to announce we received more applications than in the past two years combined! Our Scholarship Committee will soon begin the daunting task of reviewing each submission.

Bantam Ceremony 9 October 2021

December 12, 2021

Beirut Memorial Stone Officially Dedicated.

On October 9th approximately 65-75 people attended a Beirut Memorial Stone Dedication at the All Wars Memorial in Bantam Connecticut.


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  • Vol. XXVI Issue I - July/Aug 2016 - 32 Year Beirut Remembrance. Another Successful Remembrance; Looking Ahead to 2016 RSII-July-Aug-2016.pdf (1.5 MBs)
  • Vol. XXII, Issue 1 – August/September 2014 - AugSep2014.pdf (6.9 MBs)