The Wall
Private Vigil for Next of Kin, Veterans and Family Members to go Forward

The Marine Corps Installations East and City of Jacksonville have again decided to hold this year’s annual Beirut Memorial Remembrance virtually. The Memorial will be closed to the public for the 1030 Observance. This follows the cancellation of Oktoberfest and Patriots’ Day events in Jacksonville. Those decisions were made due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 cases in the Community. Based on the above and the restrictions required, the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Beirut Veterans of America, Inc., is canceled.
We must also recognize the Ultimate Sacrifice made by our eleven Marines, Corpsman and a Soldier recently in Afghanistan: Please keep their loved ones in your thoughts and prayers also. We would also like to thank our Members who personally helped welcome home our Warriors from Afghanistan, and those who helped financially - Thank You!
On 28 Aug 2021, a memorial service was held onboard the USS New Jersey, moored in Camden, NJ, to honor our fallen brothers from Beirut, Lebanon. BM Glenn McCurdy, a former crew member on the USS New Jersey from 1983-1986, worked with Ryan Szimnski, the New Jersey museum's curator to put together the memorial service. Approximately 40 Navy and Marine Veterans and their families attended the service, which took place in the ward room onboard the ship.
Please click the read more to find details regarding membership and upcoming events. Some events, such as Oktoberfest, have been cancelled in Jacksonville due to a spike in Covid there. We will provide updates as we receive them.
Kaelah Wallace and family at her Great Grandmother's grave
There were two scholarships awarded for the 2nd Annual BVA Scholarship in 2021. Both scholarships were named in honor of Beirut Veterans. One was 1st Lt. John Boyett who was killed in the Beirut Bombing, and the other was long term BVA Board Member Bill Yontz. Both recipients had connections to the BVA and each of their stories highlight the importance of the BVA Scholarship. Please take the time to learn more about each recipient and why they were selected.


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